Metal-organic frameworks particles under electron microscope

Particle Size of Metal-Organic Frameworks: Is it size that matters?

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Depending on the application at hand, particle size can change the performance or even the applicability of metal-organic frameworks. Nanosized MOFs find applications in membranes or biomedical applications, while large MOFs are better suited for bulk applications such as gas storage. Controlling the size is thus of great importance. Read More

Price vs. Value of the application of metal-organic frameworks

Price vs. value of metal-organic frameworks

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The commercial use of metal-organic frameworks has just kicked off, and they are often compared with commonly used activated carbon, silica or zeolites. Comparison goes until they reach the price for a g, kg, or even a ton – and most certainly stops there, because “MOFs are too expensive”. But this is just one side of the coin. Read More