Partner for CO2 capture

novoMOF has developed revolutionary MOFs for point source CO2 capture.

Are you a technology provider, technology licensor, or plant builder looking to offer disruptive CO2 capture technology to your clients? Partner with novoMOF to access our cutting-edge CO2 capture MOFs and jointly develop groundbreaking MOF-based solutions for your industries.



Why partner with novoMOF?


Exclusive access

Gain access to our revolutionary CO2 capture MOFs.


Collaborative expertise

Combine our MOF expertise with your process knowledge.


Be a first-mover

Develop first-of-its-kind MOF-based capture systems.


Disruptive technology

Lead the way in offering advanced CO2 capture solutions to your clients.

Join us in pioneering a new era of CO2 capture technology. Partner with novoMOF to transform your CO2 capture processes and deliver unparalleled solutions to your industry.

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